Why investing in Italian Real estate Market?

Why to invest in Italy? We all know Italy is a fascinating country. It is known in the whole world for its natural beauty, its landscapes, its artistic wonders. But it is also a good country where you can implement your business, with our services.
In Italy the so-called ‘brick market’ still has a strong appeal. Many Italians choose to invest in real estate, especially buying the first house or putting on income the second one. 
Do you want a second home in Italy for your holidays? My Italy Properties with its services can help you find the ideal solution for you.Having a second home in Italy is always a source of value.
Do you want to put on income your property in Italy, for example with rent? If you choose well the reference city is a very advantageous solution.

Investing in real estate in Italy is advantageous for several reasons. It has advantages from a tax point of view, if you put to income (rent) the property.
The fluctuation of the prices, when the real estate is to income, is always to advantage the buyer. Especially if you invest intelligently or by focusing on areas that are likely to increase in value over the years.
In Italy, for example, putting a property into income entails an annual gain of about 6.1% of building value. Obviously this also depends on the location of the property, the type of property and the city. However, in Italy, the demand for rental properties is still very high and therefore the market has some very interesting offers.

Our goal is to integrate a single contact for our customer, to solve all his doubts. This way we can help him finding the best solution for Italian real estate investment. We become a trusted partner to rely on in the whole process. We are available for financial, legal, fiscal, economic consult.
My Italy Properties thinks every investment must be evaluated with high attention. This, in order to find a solution that best fits customer’s needs. Our goal is to become a trusted partner for you, when you want to invest in Italian Real Estate Market. We help you finding the best buildings and properties, purchasing them and asking for loans. We help in the whole purchasing process and can give linguistic assistance to our clients.

This thank to our team, formed by certified and selected professionals. In other words we want to offer a unique experience of buying or investing in Italian real estate market.  Our mission is to follow our customer step by step to help them realizing their dreams. My Italy Properties offer a complete service of advice and assistance, also from a linguistic point of view, to protect foreign customer interests. Every professional in our Team has a proven experience in Italian real estate, tax and legal field. In other words, we are here to help foreign customers who want to invest in Italian real estate market. Rely on our services to find the best solution for you. Contact us for any doubts and explain us your project. 

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