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Are you a foreign entrepreneur or a leading company with the intention of investing in commercial real estate in Italy? can be your partner and point of reference, among our services for foreign customers we are looking for real estate solutions for companies and people who want to invest in Italy. Italy is a country that attracts foreign capital, especially commercial investments. However, a good knowledge of local legislation is required. This is  to be able to distinguish between practices and standards. We at are here to help foreign customers who intend to invest in Italy, with a single  trusted partner .

We at want to be a point of reference for those  who want to invest in our country. If you want to start a business in Italy, or want to expand it, if you are looking for prestigious properties, we can help you. We follow our customers with the utmost attention. Througtout the pre-investment process, with all kind of information and advice, we are here for our clients. We communicate clearly with our customers, translating their needs and interpreting their needs to best meet professional and commercial needs.

Are you looking for commercial properties in Italy? Our network of contacts can halp you find what you are looking for. We can help you choose the properties that suit your needs. Among our contacts thereare hundreds of real estate agencies, construction companies, private sellers. This network allows us to search everywhere, to find different commercial properties that match customer needs. For example, these include properties not yet advertised for sale or not openly on the market.

We look for commercial properties, helping customers to find many solutions in different Italian regions, before negotiating the one that best meets their needs.

Commercial proprieties services

If you are looking for commercial properties for your business business in Italy, you can count on our support. From  market research to consulting, we can help you find the lands and building that best match your needs and dreams.

Our services include:

  • Active search for commercial properties in Italy. We have access to a large portfolio of properties, some of which are  not yet on the market. This, thanks to our network of contacts with agencies and private sellers.
  • Specific search for commercial properties. Assistance to  companies that want  to invest in Italy, including accommodation for their employees.
  • Management of your renovation and/or construction projects. This service is possible thanks to our qualified team of local builders/contractors.
  • language advice and assistance, including  translation documents.

We also deal with Property Management for those companies that need to have a trusted contact in Italy. From market analysis to the purchasing management process, we guarantee the defence of the interest of our foreign customers. In other words, we are looking for the best and most suitable commercial properties for our client’s profile, to certify a valid investment. Thanks to our knowledge of the area we can access the best offers in Italy for companies and entrepreneur. Are you interested in an investment in Italy? Contact us for more information.

Tailor-Made real estate consultancy

We can guarantee the best for our client, as is not a real estate agency, our goal is not to sell properties, but to support clients selection of properties. We don’t want you to have any nasty surprises (or related to any constructional irregularities or any other technical-legal problem relating to the purchase. This  is  why our goal is to protect the interests of our customers. We also follow our customers step by step from research in the negotiation phase to after-sales. We also take care of the interests of those customers who cannot travel to Italy for personal or business reasons.

MyItaly Properties is a lifetime partner for your real estate projects in Italy. Our particularly experienced team, composed of certified professionals who take care of the purchase, is a guarantee depending on the needs. Our team is made up of  real estate consultants, accountants, architects, lawyers and bank managers. Their goal is to overcome the cultural and technical-legal gap.

At we assist  foreign enterpreneurs  and  companies with the aim of investing in Italy. First of all we have always dealt exclusively with the interests of our customers, helping them to integrate into the Italian regulatory system. Accordingly,our assistance consist of client advice, documentation and linguistic assistance (we also offer document translation services)

First of all, our service is also dedicated to those companies that need continuous support for the negotiation and purchase process. Thanks to a multi-disciplinary team, we are ready to support every request and to accompany customers in the purchaise of commercial properties. We are available for real estate consulancy services before any investment in the area. Likewise, our in depth- knowledge of both the Italian territory and tax legislation allows us to fully assist customers.

Thanks to the concrete support of a single trusted contact on the Italian territory, your real estate investments are in good hands. Above all, our guarantee of personalized assistance and tailor advice is based on your concrete needs. For example, our advice is given based on company  size, profile, business type, budget and so on. In other words, our goal is to follow the customer step by step in the commercial process that leads to the purchase of a property in Italy. As a result, we provide tailor-made advice. In conclusion, we could be the partner you are looking for. For any information about our service,  you can call us.

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We offer a complete consultancy and assistance service, also from a linguistic point of view. Our aim is to protect the interests of the foreign customer who buys in Italy. Discover the advantages of relying on us, whit a long experience in real estate consultancy.  Plan the future of your real estate investment in Italy with our support and get ready to see your business project flourish. If you are looking for business opportunities in Italy , we can be your patner.being an entrepreneur or a foreign company that wants to invest in Italy, contact us. We are here to understand your project and help you make it happen in the best way .In other words, is your partener for a lifetime investment in Italy.