Loan Assistance

Are you looking for loan assistance for your new Italian home? We can help you.
Italy is a truly wonderful country, which always attracts foreign capitals. It’s a country of great charm, for this reason more and more customers ask for mortgages for Italian home purchase. Many foreigners are interested in buying home in our country. This often involves opening a mortgage. In some cases, buying a property in Italy can be completed for a foreigner, so he needs assistance. The bureaucratic complexities related to real estate purchase and mortgage demand can be overcome, thanks to our advice and assistance.

We are a consulting company whose purpose is not to sell a specific property. We want to protect our customer exclusive interests, when he buys in Italy. Thanks to 25 years of experience in this field and to a multidisciplinary and competent team, we can provide you with the highest quality consultancy. If you want to purchase real estate in Italy and handle bureaucracy, here we are to help you. Among our services, we facilitate property purchase in Italy for foreigners, also with loans demand. Whether you are buying a second home, such as a holiday home, or a business building, a loan or a mortgage can be very important.

Our experts advice for your needs

We are aware of how to obtain a tailored loan allows you to realize a dream. However, mortgages bureaucracy and practical regulation can be difficult to manage for foreign clients. For this reason, among our services we also offer loans assistance for foreigners. Our service consists in helping, with consulting support, foreigners who want to open a mortgage in Italy to purchase real estate. In addition to property research service, and real estate consulting, we also help in the practices of obtaining a real estate financing.

We guarantee an optimal service, thanks to our experience in the field. We offer our help for all foreign customers who are interested in obtaining a mortgage in Italy. If you want to invest in an Italian second home, ask for your loans with us. Rely on us to handle the bureaucracy you need to obtain a bank loan.

Why Opting for Loan Assistance

Having loan assistance at your disposal makes it possible to have practical help in loans bureaucracy process. In fact, asking for a mortgage as a foreigner, without assistance, can be problematic. With our team of experts support, it is possible to speed up the practices and facilitate loan obtaining. Our team of experts is available to help you find the best mortgage and to facilitate the process. The consulting service allows you to find a property, a residential or industrial one, according to your needs.

What do we offer? For our foreign clients willing to invest in Italian properties, we offer services such as:

  • loan assistance. We guarantee help and advice in finding the best loan to buy a property in Italy. Guaranteed assistance also on mutual purchase and restructuring.
  • Support in obtaining documents to gain loan access.
  • Linguistic advice and assistance. In order to facilitate the whole process, we also provide linguistic support and document translation service.

Thanks to a team of consultants with experience and deep knowledge of the Italian banking system, we can help you find the best solution. We provide you with help and a constant update in loan request process. Thanks to our multi-year collaboration with intermediaries and credit institutions, we help you to find the best loan for hoe purchasing basing on your needs.

Language and legal assistance

Buying a house or property in a foreign country can be very complicated, especially if you don’t know the language. For this reason, having an experienced and trusted team that also offers language support is really useful. We also offer language assistance to facilitate loan obtaining, thus facilitating our foreign customer. This allows us not only to save time, but also to increase the chances of granting loan and to speed up the process.

We take care, if necessary, of document translation to speed up the loan request process. We help the client to fully understand the steps of the bureaucratic process that lead to mortgage granting, always ensuring maximum assistance and quality service.

Our team guarantee maximum support and assistance in loan request process. We follow you, step by step, always updating you. We offer practical, linguistic and bureaucratic support to all the paperwork and documents necessary for loans granting for foreign customer. Contact us to take advantage of our specialized mortgage assistance for foreign customers who want to buy in Italy.

Why to rely on us

What are the advantages of relying on us for real estate loan assistance? If you rely on our team, made up of bankers and experienced consultants, you will enjoy several advantages. Traditionally, Italian banks are less reluctant to grant loans to foreigners who, although with foreign income, if they are linked in with the territory.

Thanks to our service and advice, you can speed up your practices (also thanks to the language support service) and get loans faster. We rely on a particularly experienced team, composed of certified professionals. Our experts are always involved in the purchase according; they are real estate consultants, accountants, lawyers and bank managers, and are a guarantee for our customer.

Our team aims to facilitate real estate purchase in Italy by foreign citizens, also with mortgage request. We rely on a team of international law, real estate and tax legislation experts. This way, we can support you not only in property choice, but also in the necessary tax and legal practices. Not only that: if you need financing we can support you throughout the process communicating with the bank.

For any kind of information about our exclusive services, you can contact us. We are at your disposal for a first meeting and personalized consultations. We help you to build and give life to your projects in Italy, with competence and professionalism, through the experience of over 25 years. Trust those who have made real estate consulting for foreigners their point of excellence.