My Italy Properties services

My Italy Properties services are modulated for those who want the best for their real estate investment in Italy. Real Estate Investment in Italy is a good idea, but you have to make sure you find the right solutions.
My Italy Properties is a tailored service for people who want to invest in Italian real estate market. In this case, you really need a partner to help your through the process. You need someone to help you in document translation, linguistic assistance, loan request, properties searching. Here we are for all these services, tailored to fit your needs.

Why investing in Italy? Why  choose this country? Italy is a fascinating Country, known throughout the world. Italy is a country rich in real estate, where it is possible to make excellent investments. You can buy houses to make an income, buy a second home,or buy companies.

In any case, thanks to My Italy Properties you can have a complete service for your investment.
If you are a foreign customer with the dream of an Italian home, you can rely on us for the entire process. We are a team of experts with years of experience behind us.
Thanks to our specific expertise, we will help you find the ideal real estate solution.
Not only that: we can help you throughout the process of choosing a property, applying for loans, and so on.
The services of My Italy Properties are numerous and ideal for anyone who intends to invest in Italy  profitable.

Who we are

Who we are? But who are we? Let us introduce ourselves: We are a team of architects, lawyers, former bankers, real estate experts.
We are available for those entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Italy, and are looking for a trusted partner. Thanks to our network of agencies, we can help you all kind of properties in Italy. We support foreign clients in the search for second homes, vacation rentals and commercial properties in Italy.
Not only :we also support customers throughout the purchase process, with linguistic assistance and document translation.

We know Italian real estate market can be complex for a foreigner client, that’s why we offer our experience, our knowledge of the local language and regulation to manage bureaucracy. We help you to find the property you are looking  for your project in Italy.
With the utmost confidentiality and professionalism, we are at your side to help you realize the project in Italy, according to your needs. We offer all our competence and seriousness for those who have big projects in Italy. To find out more, visit our website and find out what we can do for you. For any information, you can contact us: we will be happy to have a chat and hear to what is your project.

Why investing in Italian Real estate Market?

Why to invest in Italy? We all know Italy is a fascinating country known throught  the  world , rich in real estate . But it is also a good country where you can implement your business, with our services.
In Italy the so-called ‘brick market’ still has a strong appeal. Many Italians choose to invest in real estate, especially buying the first house or putting on income the second one. 
Do you want a second home in Italy for your holidays? My Italy Properties with its services can help you find the ideal solution for you.Having a second home in Italy is always a source of value.
Do you want to put on income your property in Italy, for example with rent? If you choose well the reference city is a very advantageous solution.

Investing in real estate in Italy is advantageous for several reasons. It has advantages from a tax point of view, if you put to income (rent) the property.
The fluctuation of the prices, when the real estate is to income, is always to advantage the buyer. Especially if you invest intelligently or by focusing on areas that are likely to increase in value over the years.
In Italy, for example, putting a property into income entails an annual gain of about 6.1% of building value. Obviously this also depends on the location of the property, the type of property and the city. However, in Italy, the demand for rental properties is still very high and therefore the market has some very interesting offers.

What is our goal

Our goal is to integrate a single contact for our customer, to solve all his doubts. This way we can help him finding the best solution for Italian real estate investment. We become a trusted partner to rely on in the whole process. We are available for financial, legal, fiscal, economic consult.
My Italy Properties thinks every investment must be evaluated with high attention. This, in order to find a solution that best fits customer’s needs. Our goal is to become a trusted partner for you, when you want to invest in Italian Real Estate Market. We help you finding the best buildings and properties, purchasing them and asking for loans. We help in the whole purchasing process and can give linguistic assistance to our clients.

This thank to our team, formed by certified and selected professionals. In other words we want to offer a unique experience of buying or investing in Italian real estate market.  Our mission is to follow our customer step by step to help them realizing their dreams. My Italy Properties offer a complete service of advice and assistance, also from a linguistic point of view, to protect foreign customer interests. Every professional in our Team has a proven experience in Italian real estate, tax and legal field. In other words, we are here to help foreign customers who want to invest in Italian real estate market. Rely on our services to find the best solution for you. Contact us for any doubts and explain us your project. 

Our Property Search Services

You really want to buy in Italian real estate market, but you don’t know how to find the building that best fits your needs? Here we are to help you in the search. This means that our property search service is tailored for our clients, looking for the best real estate solutions. We are the right people to manage your real estate deal, and property search and purchase. This means My Italy Properties offers a complete Building searching service. Firstly, we take care of consulting and assistance, also from a linguistic point of view, to protect the interests of the foreign customer who buys in Italy. Our team can help you looking for your perfect Italian home.

We have access to a wide network of house agencies and a large portfolio of properties for our clients. has contacts with private sellers and real estate agencies. This way, with such a wide network which includes homes not on the market, we allow customers to access the best offers. Thanks to network you can also find exclusive properties, before they are placed on the market or on sale. This way you can find beautiful homes and occasions on the Italian real estate market. Above all, we make sure you can access the best real estate occasions, according to their needs.

We want t remember you that is not a real estate agency. Therefore we don’t want to sell you any home: our aim is different. In fact, we are a consulting company whose purpose is not to sell a property, but to protect your exclusive interests. Why to choose us? Because with our advice, you will avoid bad surprises. With us you will have a single contact who helps you on your real estate investment, tax, legal and financial laws. Because of the expertise of our team, we can provide you with the highest quality advice. In conclusion, goal is to defend customers needs.

Find the best property

We really want you to find the best property according to your needs. This means that we offer different services such as:

  • Private property Advice and searching. If you are looking for an Italian Second Home for your holiday, rely on us. If you want a house to put to income or for rent, we can help you. Our team always help customers to find their private home in Italy, therefore you can rely on us. Whether it is a villa, an industrial property, a winery farm, a new or used building, we help him looking for it. We find houses that best fits their needs. This thanks to our wide network of contacts (home agencies and private sellers). Thanks to our network we can also find exclusive home which are even not yet on the market!
  • Commercial Real Estate search. If you are a foreign entrepreneur looking for an Italian farm, commercial building and so on, this is the service for you. We can help you finding commercial properties, hotels, companies searching and so on. We also offer assistance to foreign companies which want to invest in Italy and that are looking for real estate.
  • Renovation or construction projects Management. Do you want to renovate your Italian home? This is possible through our qualified team of architect on Italian territory.
  • Assistance for wineries and farm business plan in Italy.

Italian House Rent Assistance

Do you already have an Italian Home and want to put it to income? Or you want to buy a second home to pur it to income? Here we are to help you find the best solution.

Rent management can be difficult, if done independently: we can help you. Thanks to the presence of a multi-disciplinary team with a long experience behind, can guarantee the right skills to be able to put your property on income in the best way. We also offer a Property Management service, for your italian home. If you need someone to manage your property while you are abroad, you can rely on us. We are trusted partner that can manage your home rent while you are not in Italy.

If managing a property rent can become complex, you can rely on our team. We guarantee an excellent property management service for customers who stay and live abroad. Thanks to our service, you can be assured of the correct management of your property. We rely on a team of Italian experts, who know country regulations ad laws. As a result, you are in very good hands.

Property Management Service

If you live abroad and need a trusted partner to manage your rent income, we can do it for you. Our service include property management for our living abroad client. The Property Management service is aimed at those customers who live and work abroad. If they want a trusted partner to manage their properties in Italy to put them to income, we can do this.

Rent management can be difficult, if done independently, but we are here to help. Putting on income an Italian property requires a good knowledge of the current regulations on rents. So if you need, here we are to help. Thanks to a careful planning that always considers customer needs, we can guarantee you an highly qualitative and tailored Property Management. Property management service is available for new house, a renovated one or newly built, according to the needs of the customer

Discover our exclusive services for property in Italy, such as rent management, loan assistance, consultancy. With this service it is possible to make an excellent real estate investment, renting a house, a condominium, a villa in Italy. Find out why our Property Management service can be the perfect solution to buy real property to rent it out, even if you live and work abroad.  Contact us to understand our services. 

Commercial Building Searching

If you are an entrepreneur looking for commercial building in Italy, we can help you finding the best ones. We at assist entrepreneur  and foreign companies with the aim of investing in Italy. With us, your real estate investments are in good hands.

We have a network of contacts with agencies and private sellers. Because of this, we can do active search of commercial properties in Italy. This means we also provide assistance for companies who want to to invest in Italy, including housing for their employees.

Our team have access to a large portfolio of properties, some of which still not on the market. Our team look for commercial properties, help customer finding many solutions in Italian regions, before negotiating the one that best meets his needs.

Italy Properties is a lifetime partner for your real estate projects in Italy contact us to know more about our services. Plan the future of your commercial real estate investment in Italy with our support.

We find the best loans for you

Here we are, you have chosen your Italian house and you want to buy it. Now, you need to request a mortgage or a loan. We know Italian bank bureaucracy can be very complex for foreign entrepreneur, so here we are to help. Our team can help you in the loans/mortgage request and obtaining process. We can translate documents and help your finding all the documents and income proof that the bank requests.  If mortgages bureaucracy and practical regulation can be difficult to manage for a foreigner client, here we are to help you.

We offer loans assistance for foreigners customer who want to buy in Italy.  For example, our service consists in helping, consulting and translating documents for foreigners who want to open a mortgage in Italy.

We offer you loan assistance but not only. For example we guarantee help and advice in finding the best loan to buy a property in Italy. Our team also support you in obtaining documents to gain loan access. Secondly we give linguistic advice. You don’t have to worry during loans obtaining process because we also provide linguistic support and document translation service. Do you want to speed up your home purchasing? Firstly, we can help you with our loans and linguistic support. We offer practical, linguistic and bureaucratic support to all the paperwork and documents necessary for loans granting for foreign customer.

Mortgage assistance service

We are aware of how to obtain ad hoc financing allows you to realize the dream of an Italian property. However, the regulation and practical regulation of mortgages can be difficult for a foreigner to manage. Having loan assistance at your disposal makes it possible to have practical help on the bureaucracy of the granting process. In fact, applying for a mortgage for a foreigner, without assistance, can be complex.

With the support of a team of experts it is possible to speed up the practices and facilitate the obtaining of funding. 
Italian banks are more likely to grant loans to those with demonstrable income, and we can help you.

For this reason, among our services we also offer that of assistance mortgages for foreigners. Our service consists in helping and support, foreigners who want to open a mortgage in Italy for Real Estate purchasing. In addition to the active service of property researc, and real estate consulting, we also help in the practices of opening a loan or mortgage. If you want to obtain a mortgage or a loan in Italy, contact us. We will help you to fix it.

Property Renovation services

If your Italian home needs renovation, you can count on our help. We are a team of architects and designers ready to plan the renovation of your home. Whatever your needs, if you want to change the structure of the house and modernize it, you can count on us. We think that building renovation is often necessary and useful to better live house spaces. It can also change them according to your needs.

The purpose of renovation is to improve house spaces and organization, and its quality of life. It could be also to make a property useful for a certain activity. For example, if you want to put your home to income, you may need a radical change of spaces. If you want to change you home, here we are. offers its clients, interested in buying a house in Italy, this exclusive service through a team of experienced professionals and designers.

If you are looking for house renovation we are at your side, to find the best solutions for your needs. We take care of different types or renovation. For example we can study a plan for your Italian second home, but also for your building (if you want to transform it into a residence house).
We also do Non-residential building renovation (i.e. commercial properties).
Our team of experienced architects is able to work with different building materials and according to different techniques. Explain us your project, we will be able to help you. Make your dream come true!

Wine Company Assistance

Are you a foreign entrepreneur who would like to start a wine business in Italy? If you want to start with the righe foot, you can rely on our assistance. We take care of our clients who want to open a new wine business here, in Italy. Discover our services, our special advice and contact us to learn more about our special services for foreign customers in Italy.
With our wide network of sellers and house agencies, we’ll make you find the best building to start your activity in Italy.

What do we do for you? We can find the best buildings and farms to start our activity and if you want, we can draft your business plans according to your needs. We support you defining a specific business plan for your winery in Italy. Taking into account the kind of project, your budget, the market proposal, the geographical area of reference, we will help you to outline a good strategy. Not only. We can also offer you linguistic support, advice and assistance in the realization of the company’s business plan, for a calculated and well-studied investment.

Legal assistance services

When you want to invest in Italian Real Estate market you may needs legal assistance. Think of document legal translation, public bodies relations, permission asking and so on. You may need tax advice, and legal consulting. We really want to protect your business and help you finding the best solution. So, we do offer also legal assistance service for any need.

We rely on a team made of lawyers and accountants, real estate experienced, for your tax advice. Our team help, support and accompany you in the processes to buy buildings and make a good investment in real estate.
We can offer lots of legal services for our clients. We conduct due diligence for before your investment. This team can make contract negotiation and drafting, according to your needs.
Our legal team also works on legal assistance, documents translation, request for real estate loans and mortgages.

Our legal assistance explained

We know world of Italian real estate Law is complex. There is a stratified regulation which is very difficult to understand. So, here we are to help you make a conscious choice.
Our legal assistance can do for you:

  • due diligence service to verify that properties are compliant with Italian urban planning legislation. Our aim is to protect you from potential risks of building irregularities. Due diligence activity, carried out before buying an asset, allows us to understand whether or not it is a good investment.
  • Contract drafting. We can draft a buying, rent, private or commercial contract. We guarantee contractual assistance and linguistic assistance, to allow the customer to understand local regulations and all relevant aspects in the process of buying a property.
  • Control over all stages of negotiation, contracting and purchasing. We make sure everything is in accordance with Italian law.
  • Consulting, to make sure that the investment fits real customer needs.

For any doubts and question, rely only on the best of legal assistance in Real Estate field. Thank to our experienced lawyers and tax experts, we really guarantee your right and interests protection. When you want to buy real estate in Italy, contact us to receive the best legal assistance. We protect your interest and business in Italy.

Document Translations services

We believe that every investment must be evaluated with attention. This, in order to find a solution that suits client’s needs. We also know that buying and selling property abroad may seem complex, for those who do not know Italian language, but here we are for you. Thanks to our Translation service, however, you can count on a team of professionals who support you at all times. For example, we offer translation from italian to your language. This led you to follow every step in the purchasing process.  

In particular, we also do real estate technical documents translations. Thanks to the collaboration with experts, we translate the technical documentation required for purchases. Technical document translation is very important during a buying process, and our clients are looking for the best service ever. Our document translation service is essential to allow our client to be aware of real estate investment. At least we guarantee the utmost precision and care in real estate documents translation: contact us if you need this service.

Linguistic Assistance for our clients

We think that, while investing in a foreign Country, you would like to understand the whole e purchasing process also if it is in a different language. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable in every stage of the purchasing process with our linguistic assistance service. Therefore, we offer linguistic assistance to foreign customers. Buying a house in Italy will no longer be a problem, thanks to our service of interpreting and translation of documents. We offer services in Italian and English and if possible also in another language. Contact us, to know if we also speak your language. We put experts at your disposal to allow you to always follow the process of buying an house in full awareness.

We know that buying and selling property abroad may seem threatening, for those who do not know Italian language. However, thanks to our help, you can count on a team of professionals who support you at all times, from consulting to purchasing to translation. Firstly, we think the satisfaction of our client is the most important thing. We offer you a high quality language service for your needs and your project in Italy. Contact us now to know how we can set up a custom service. We will find the best solutions for your project. 

Contact us for any doubts

If you want to know more about what we do for foreign customers, you can contact us. If you want to know how we can help your business, write or call us now. Discover the professionalism of a partner with long experience that can support you during your entrepreneurial journey in Italy. We want to be an added value for your project, with our expertise, our network of contacts and our professionalism.

Firstly, we want to be a trusted partner for your Italian business to become a success. With our help, your project will be more valuable. Discover how can we help you, challenge us with your project and discover what can we do to make it real. Write us or call us to get in touch with us and our team, and to discover why we can be the trusted partner you are looking for.

For any kind of information about our exclusive services, you can contact us. Above all, we are at your disposal for a first meeting and personalized consultations. We help you to build and give life to your projects in Italy, with competence and professionalism, through the experience of over 25 years. Trust those who have made real estate consulting for foreigners their point of excellence.