Property renovation

If you are a foreign client looking for areal estate renovation in Italy, you can count on us. is a consulting company whose purpose is to protect the interests of foreign customers who purchase properties in Italy. In recent years the phenomenon of foreign customers who choose to buy houses or companies in Italy is increased. Italy attracts real estate investments. There are many people who,  staying abroad, decide to buy a house or company  in Italy , therefore,  nothing is more important than  being able to count on us: we are a business partner who takes your interests into account.

The purpose of’ is to  exclusively protect the interests of our customers. We are here to fulfill  our clients’ dream of a real estate investments in Italy. Our goal is to integrate a single contact to resolve all customers doubts. We are available for complete advice from a financial, legal, fiscal, economic point of view. Thanks to years of experience in the sector and a multidisciplinary and competent team, we can provide you with the highest quality advice for the purchase of real estate.

Among the services, also offers properties renovation. Furthemore, thanks to a team of experienced architects and designers, we listen to your needs. Why rely on us and our team of consultants, lawyers, architects and experts in financial mediation and real estate investments?

Home renovation with

Building renovation is often a physiological process, useful to better enjoy the spaces of the house, or to modify them according to your needs. The purpose of therenovation is to improve housing organization and consequently the quality of life. However, it could be also to make a useful property  for a certain activity (commercial, rent, and so on). Even the properties in which we live need to be kept protected from  the deterioration of time, which often causes a deterioration in terms of comfort and safety of the house and its structures.

Today you have the opportunity to intervene and improve the domestic insulation, and air conditioning system (as well as the subdivision of the space itself). Firstly, offers its customers, interested in buying a house in Italy, this exclusive service through a team of experienced professionals and designers. Property Renovation with, becomes a smart investment on the house and its quality. Secondly, it’s important to ensure a better quality of life, but also to increase property attractiveness on the market and its value. Among the services we offer, there is restructuring of any property (houses, companies, rental properties). Discover our exclusive property renovation service in Italy through our team of architects. is not a real estate agency whose purpose is therefore to sell certain properties, it is consulting company,which acts only in the interest of the foreign client who wants to buy real estate in Italy. For these reason, our only goal is to protect your interest, both  economically and legally.

Planning your future in Italy

Whether you are planning to renovate or to change your home house or destination, helps you find the perfect solution. We take care of the business of our clients business while they are abroad, carrying out , according to their instructions,  the necessary  maintenance and renovationwork on the property. We offer a competent and guaranteed home  renovation service always according to the canons of professional competence. It is no coincidence that relies only on a team of expert architects and professional designers, ready to to collect the will of the customers to transform it into reality.

The restructuring process is calibrated together with the customer, listening to his ideas, plans and projects. Designers, architects and experts of are at customer’s disposal to collect his suggestions. Together we carry out the best building improvement project with ea complete and exclusive service. guarantees the maximum protection of the interest of its clients.

Residential and non residential renovation

We are available to our customers for their real estate projects in Italy, with an exclusive renovation service that takes care of every aspect of their needs.

We deal, for example, with renovations:

  • residential houses. Dedicated to the building you want to turn into  a residencial home. In this case, we modify the house with an ad hoc project of our customers.
  • houses for rent. If the customers has purchased a property to rent it (e.g. tourist rentals), we take care of the project for the subdivision of the rooms.
  • refurbishment of non -residential building (commerciale real estate).

We are on the side of our customers, from the choise of the property to the definition  of the investment. We also carry out a complete study before the renovation. Furthermore, our team of experienced architects is able to work with different building materials and according to different techniques. This always following  customer ‘s needs and always with professionalism.

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We guarantee the highest quality of all the works permormed from decades of experience of the professionals we rely on.carried out, for decades of experience of the professionals we rely on. Turn your income into a safe investment in Italy, and entrust us with the management of your property. Discover our exclusive real estate renovation service, available for residential and non-residential buildings.

For any kind of information about our exclusive services, you can contact us. We are at your disposal for a first meeting, and for personalized advice. For 50 years we have been helping customers to build and give life to their projects in Italy, with competence.
If you think the time has come to renovate your Italian home, you can count on us. We provide you with linguistic and technical support. Contacts us to fix your project.

Call us to get in touch with our experts. They will help you manage the renovation of your property in Italy.. Do you want to ask us something or  tell us about your project?  We are to help you ,contact us with any questions. We can help you make the  italian investment.