Property Search Service

Owning an Italy property, whether commercial or civil, represents a great opportunity for those who want to invest in this country. Italy is a wonderful country, rich in natural beauty and with a good quality of life. Every foreign customer who wants to live in here or have a home in Italy can find opportunities for a great deal.

Lots of foreign customers, attracted by Italian style of life and beauty, wants to buy an italian property. It can be a second house in Italy, or a farm, a real estate investment and so on. In any case, real estate investments in Italy are a real opportunity for foreign customers. In this years you can find great deals for an investment in this beautiful place. To do so, however, you may need a special team support and advice. You may need a team who know very well Italian real estate market and know how to intermediate their customers needs.

We are the right people to manage your real estate deal, and property search and purchase.We offer a complete service of advice and assistance, also from a linguistic point of view, to protect the interests of the foreign customer who buys in Italy. Why to choose us? Because with our advice, you will avoid bad surprises. With us you will have a single contact who helps you on your real estate investment, tax, legal and financial laws.

Our goal is to follow our customer step by step in the commercial process that leads to the purchase of an Italian property. Our services allow customers to find the best solution for their real estate investment in Italy.

Find your Italian property

Property search in Italy can be complex, for foreign customers. In fact, in order to find the best deal you need to know customer needs, what he is looking for, what he wants. Thanks to our experience, we can guarantee our customer maximum satisfaction. We have access to a wide network of house agencies and a large portfolio of different properties for our clients to choose from., in fact, has contacts with private sellers and real estate agencies. This way, with such a wide network which includes homes not on the market, we allow customers to access the best offers.

Thanks to network you can also find exclusive properties, before they are placed on the market or on sale. With this service, customers can make sure they can access the best real estate occasions, according to their needs.

This is possible because is not a real estate agency. We are a consulting company whose purpose is not to sell a specific property, but to follow and protect customer exclusive interests. Thanks to the expertise of our multidisciplinary and competent team, we can provide you with the highest quality advice for real estate purchase. aim is to defend customers interests and needs. Thanks to a wide network of contacts, we can choose and help you find your dream property.

A wide range of Italian properties network of contacts is available to foreign customers who want to buy a property in Italy. Thanks to the presence of an extremely wide network, can help customer to find different kind of properties in Italy. Just to give a few examples, we deal with:

  • Advice for private property. We help customer to find his private home in Italy, or his second home. According to his needs, we can look for it on the region and territory that best fits his needs.
  • Property search. In addition to consulting, we can help the customer researching his home or business building on the Italian territory. Whether it is a villa, an industrial property, a winery farm, a new or used building, we help him looking for it. Thanks to an extensive network of contacts such as agencies and sellers, we give you access to the best offers even not yet on the market.
  • Commercial Real Estate search. We do not only assist the customer searching for private real estate. In fact, among our services also commercial properties, hotels, companies searching and so on. We also offer assistance to foreign companies which want to invest in Italy and that are looking for real estate.
  • Assistance for wineries and farm business plan in Italy.
  • Renovation or construction projects Management. This is possible through our qualified team of architect on Italian territory.

The entire process involves assistance in Italian, english and if possible in your language, if different from Italian or English. This allows us to protect the customer whit tailored linguistic assistance, to ensure purchasing process’ maximum compliance with his interests.

Tailored legal and tax advice

To be able to safely buy Italian properties, it is necessary to know Italian legislation that regulates this market. Our team is made up of experts in international law, real estate and tax legislation. This way, we can support you not only in property choice, but also in tax and legal practices if necessary. This, of course, with a tailored linguistic assistance to facilitateyour understanding.

Thanks to a highly competent team, made up of people with years of experience in the sector, property purchase in Italy will not be a problem. Our multi-disciplinary team allows us to deal with the process of consulting and buying homes in Italy with the utmost competence. Every aspect – legal, contractual and fiscal ones – is properly discussed so that it always fits customers needs.

With, you are in good hands and you can be sure to make a good deal in buying Italian real estate. For any kind of information about our exclusive services, you can contact us. We are at your disposal for a first meeting, and for personalized consultations. We help you to build and give life to your projects in Italy, with our experts competence and professionalism. Call us, get in touch with our real estate solution to find the best way to realize your investment.