Rent Assistance

Are you foreign entrepreneur, dreaming about investing in Italian real estate market, maybe to take profit from rent? If your intention is to make a real estate investment in Italy, we can help you find what suits you best. Italy is a very fascinating country, rich in beauties and with a cost of living lower compared to other European nations. All characteristics that in recent years led more and more foreign citizens to choose to invest in Italy real estate market.

There is also an increase in the number of people who buy houses and buildings to put them into income, for example by renting rooms. After all, the ‘brick investment’ in Italy is very felt and is always considered a source of value. But a real estate investment still requires a good knowledge of the territory, language, real estate and tax regulations. If you need assistance in choosing, purchasing and managing real estate in Italy, you can rely on us. We can help you finding out your dream house and make your project reality.

Who we are and how we work

Who are we? We are a company whose goal is to provide a complete assistance (including legal, tax and regulatory advice) to foreign customers who want to acquire real estate in Italy. We are not a real estate agency, we are a team that wants to give an added value to your property and to its management. Therefore, not being an agency, our goal is not to sell you a certain property. We work so that foreign customer can choose the perfect property (such as private, condominiums, or commercial buildings) and can buy it in a simple way. Our team always and only work in the primary interest of our client, and not of third parties.

We are therefore available in the consulting phase for the right building choice and reference area, in the purchase fase and mortgage request. Not only that. Among our services there is also rent assistance, particularly suitable for those customers who want to rent a property purchased in Italy. The Property Management service is aimed at those customers who live and work abroad. If they want someone they trust to manage their properties in Italy to put them to income, here we are. Thanks to a careful planning that always considers customer needs, we can guarantee you an highly qualitative and tailored Property Management.

Property Management in Italy

Managing a property rent, when you are abroad, can become complex. For this reason, we guarantee an excellent property management service for customers who stay and live abroad. Thanks to our Property Management service, you can be assured of the correct management of your property by a team of Italian experts. Our team know very well the country regulations ad laws and can manage them.

Rent management can be difficult, if done independently. This is because putting on income a property in Italy requires a good knowledge of the current rent regulations (depending on whether lessee are tourist or not). It requires also knowledge of tax and housing legislation. We, thanks to the presence of a multi-disciplinary team with a long experience behind, can guarantee the right skills to be able to put your property on income in the best way.

This way it will be possible to make an excellent real estate investment, renting a house, a condominium, a villa and so on the Italian territory. Thanks to our property management experience, we can always guarantee you an high quality work. We also guarantee a continuous service of advice and assistance, even in language, for the customers to allow them to always take full advantage of their property.

Find out why our Property Management service can be the perfect solution to buy real property to rent it out. This, even if you live and work abroad. Discover our exclusive services for property in Italy, such as rent management, loan assistance, purchase of property consultancy.

Rent management in Italy: how do we work

Why buying real property to rent it out in Italy? Italy, as you know, is a country with a thousand of beauties and therefore relies on the exploitation of tourism. Buying a property to create a rent income is therefore always a very useful strategy in a country like Italy. Rents, whether medium or long term, can become an excellent source of income for a foreign entrepreneur.

In addition, property management can be set on a new house, a renovated one or newly built, according to the needs of the customer. If necessary, we also guide the customer in the consulting phase for the choice of the right house. Our team of experts can always guarantee you the commitment to achieve maximum profitability from your building. We are careful in managing with attention and experience property, to exploit its visibility and to maximize the yield of the rentals. Discover how and where to buy real property to rent it out in Italy!

Tailored rent assistance service

Thanks to our service, you won’t have to take care of anything anymore. We will manage the property and the rent, always according to customer instructions and needs. Our exclusive rental and management service for property is aimed at all those customers who want to make a real estate investment in Italy. Our team consists of certified professionals who are involved in the purchase as needed. They are real estate agents, accountants, lawyers and ex bank managers. Lot of years of experience are the best guarantee we can give to customers who rely on us.

Your property and its management will be safe in our hands, following your instructions. Turn your income into a safe investment in Italy, and entrust us with the management of your property. For any kind of information about our exclusive services, you can contact us. We are at your disposal for a first meeting and for personalized consultations. We help you to build and give life to your projects in Italy, with competence and professionalism.