Legal Assistance

More and more foreigners are investing in the Italian real estate market and look for legal assistance. For an even more conscious investment, it is important to have good legal assistance. Italy is a country which attracts many investors capital from abroad. Real estate investments, for the intrinsic value they have in Italy (a land of tourism) are among the favorites of all time. In recent years, as a result, there has been an increase of foreigners who decided to buy property in Italy, for private or commercial reasons.

Making a purchase, or managing a real estate in Italy requires the support of expert who knows Italian tax and real estate legislation. For this reason, for years we have been on foreign investors side, to buy real estate in Italy. Thanks to our experience, gained in years of work as consultants, we can guarantee the utmost care of our clients interests.

Do you want to invest in Italy, buying real estate? In this case, we can help you thanks to our skills and years of experience in the field. If you are looking for real estate to buy or want to rent a house in Italy, we can be at your side in every step of the process. If you need tax and legal assistance while purchasing or renovating a property, you can count on our experts.

Rely only on the best of legal assistance in Real Estate field. Our experienced lawyers and tax experts advice is a guarantee for the protection of your rights and interests, when you buy real estate in Italy.

What do we do

Who are we? We are not a real estate agency, and therefore our purpose is not to sell real estate to customers. We are a consulting company, and we deal with foreign customers who want to buy in Italy. Our service consists in consulting support for foreigners who want to open a mortgage in Italy to purchase a real estate. We do property research for our clients, real estate consulting.

Our services range from active property search, according to the needs of the customer, to management of property assistance. We also help client to obtain mortgage. We rely on a team of lawyers and accountants, with experience in real estate, for your tax advice for a conscious investment. Our team help, support and accompany you in the processes to buy buildings and make a good investment in real estate.

We do for you:

  • Active search of properties in Italy, even those not yet on the market.
  • Due diligence for assessing benefit an investment or business.
  • Contract negotiation.
  • Legal assistance, translation of documents.
  • Request for real estate loans and mortgages.

Legal and real estate assistance services

Relying on a multi-disciplinary and experienced team like ours is essential, if you choose a real estate investment inItaly. We are a team of professionals who are familiar with the italian legislation, practice and law. The world of Italian Real Estate is very complex, because of the presence of a stratified regulation. Here we are to help you make a conscious choice.

Our legal assistance consists of a due diligence service to verify that properties are compliant with Italian urban planning legislation. We take care to protect customers from potential risks that can be hidden in negotiations and from possible building irregularities. We therefore guarantee control over all stages of negotiation, contracting and buying. Our team make sure everything is in accordance with Italian law and that investment meets real customer needs. Due diligence activity, carried out before buying an asset, allows us to understand whether or not it is a good investment.

Contractual assistance

We guarantee contractual assistance and linguistic assistance, to allow the customer to understand local regulations and all relevant aspects in the process of buying a property. We also provide mortgage assistance service. If the foreign customer wants to purchase a property with a loan, we help him to find the most convenient formula and to complete the documentation requested by the intermediary.

Finally, we are also available for tax advice, which as you know is crucial when buying a property. Buying a real estate in Italy also means to pay to duties. Thanks to our support, you will not run the risk of incurring in penalties for non-payment of fees due for the property purchase and maintenance. Thanks to our solid experience in the tax sector, we guarantee the right assistance to our customers in the fields of real estate purchase, mortgages, commercial real estate. We follow with care and attention our client interests, in order to find the best solution with the least impact. We provide advice and assistance, in English and, if possible, in other languages, in the documentation process. For example we take care of negotiation, conclusion of the contract, relations with the banks and with tax authorities.

Rely on our legal service

Your business is safe and in good hands with us. Rely on our experience, if you intend to invest in Italy and start your business. Thanks to our multi-disciplinary team we will help you to face all the challenges of the real estate world and realize your dreams. Discover our Due diligence services in the real estate investment sector, both private and commercial, in Italy. We also offer legal assistance for obtaining mortgages and house insurance. We can help you with tax advice for commercial properties, business plan for real estate investments.

Thanks to our advice, your dream of a real estate investment in Italy can be realized sooner than you expected. Contact us for any kind of information, or to get in touch with us. We are waiting for you! Call us to know our services and explain us your project in Italy.

Discover today our exclusive legal assistance service, dedicated to those who invest in Italy. We guarantee legal assistance with translation of documents into your language.
Discover all the advantages of relying on a competent team and with the right qualifications to make use of your investment.